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  1. we have just used Cooper again . we used him when he visited northern ireland around 2 and a half years ago so i had to get him again on this visit . he was fabulous yet again , very insightful . confirmed some issues and advised how to rectify them . absolutely chuffed to know my new mare feels im the one for her when i feel shes def the right life partner for me xx

    (Posted on 2016-05-17 17:32:00 by donna dawson)
  2. I got recomended Cooper through a friend has my horse was having trouble with hindleg lameness. Straight away he noticed how narrow my horse was behind which was leading to strained fetlock. His recomendations worked wonders and after a three month rehabilation program, with him being shod differently e.g. My horse is now 100% sound and I did not get the vet out once. I feel this man deserves alot of phrase what he does to help any animal.

    (Posted on 2016-01-29 22:10:00 by Claire Cartman)
  3. Golden Retriever communication by Cooper Wilson at 21.00hr on 11th September 2015.

    Before I start this, I must point out that my girlfriend (Evelyn) has seven Golden Retrievers from two generations. (Arnold, Angel and Axel the father of the younger dogs who are Armani, Allesia, Ayumi and Ayalla).
    When I was in Halifax England visiting my family, Evelyn sent me a message asking me to research into animal communicators. I checked on the web and rang the first three that I saw. Cooper was the third number. Although he did not pick up, I did leave a message and 2 hours later he rang back. I said to Cooper why I was ringing and on behalf of who. Cooper said I must ask Evelyn to email him about what she wants from him but on no account was she to give / send Cooper any photos or descriptions or names of her dogs. When I got back to Indonesia, we arranged a time via email which was possible for both parties (6 hour time difference between Bandung in West Java, Indonesia and York in North Yorkshire, England) for Cooper to speak to us via speaker phone.
    When we did ring Cooper Wilson via external speaker, we did not say which of the dogs were where. But three of Evelyn’s dogs (Armani, Angel and Arnold) were lying next to us, the other four dogs (Allesia, Ayumi, Ayalla and Axel) were in the back part of the house. She must split present alpha dog Axel and the challenger Armani to prevent a 6-1 fight.
    First Cooper said, that the night before our call he had a vision that one of the dogs likes to walk with something in his mouth (Axel the alpha dog), he will only walk if he can hold his leash in his mouth.
    Then Cooper talked about how when we walk our dogs in two groups, how in 1st group there is one of the dogs who is always on the left / front (Alesia) and then another in the middle (Ayumi) and one on the right / back (Ayalla). Cooper then went on to describe the personalities / features of the three dogs reasonably accurately. He said that the lead dog of the first group is a darker colour, and the tail of that dog wags a lot more than the others. Alesia is a much darker golden in fact she is nearly a chocolate colour and her tail wags like crazy, she is also the most dominant of the three girls and always walks at the front. Next Cooper described which one prefers to be in the middle and that is Ayumi who always walks alongside or just behind Alesia and the two of them like to play ball together. Next Cooper described the third dog Ayalla as being one who we might say is the most feminine of the three and really wants to be in the middle for security when walking on the lead. Because she is dominated by the other two, Ayalla always ends up at the back of the pack but if let off the lead she likes to run and be more adventurous than the other two. Cooper also said that despite their differences if there is any danger / another dog in the area then all three of them work as a pack and protect whoever is walking them (Evelyn has two dog assistants).
    Cooper also said that one of the older dogs (Arnold) is very happy to be under medication (renal diet food from Royal Canine) for his kidney problems and the intravenous drip (medicines for his kidney, hydration and to help him urinate) are working.
    Cooper also said there is a lighter coloured dog in heaven who is happy and at peace that her siblings are healthy and fit. This is Annabel the mother of the four younger dogs (Alesia, Ayalla, Ayumi and Armani). Annabel died in a motorbike accident when her children were three years old. When Cooper mention this Evelyn had shamefully forgotten about Annabel
    Cooper then said that Evelyn has deep pockets for caring for her dogs and although this might be usual for a western country it is very unusual for an Asian country.
    Finally Cooper described my girlfriend to me (hair + eye + skin colour + body shape), now although it is easy to guess that Asians have black eyes, black hair and are shorter than western people, it was amazing that Cooper got her skin colour correct because most Indonesians are brown not white like Evelyn.
    Cooper accurately described four of Evelyn dogs despite the fact that the three girls were in the back part of the house and not lying next to us during the conversation.
    We were both sceptic about animal communication but Cooper has changed our thinking. We are truly amazed that Cooper was able to communicate and describe Evelyn’s dogs with zero input from us and the fact that we are separated by 7,300 miles.
    We are so happy to get to know Cooper (if just by phone / email) and we are very thankful for his kind attention. Evelyn will definitely like to visit Cooper one day when she gets the chance to go to UK.

    History: When Axel was a puppy he was attacked by an adult male Rottweiler between his eyes. Later when Axel had puppies of his own, his son Armani got hip dysplasia at the age of 6mth after surgery Evelyn gave Armani full dedicated attention, care and love. This made Axel jealous and he bullied Armani. Later when Armani became older he started to defend himself and fight back. Therefore Evelyn now has to separate Axel and Armani all the time.
    Cooper said the only real solution is to let them fight it off, with the other dogs being held back but allowed to watch the final outcome. We agree but every time there is a contact, blood is drawn and out here in Asia the healing process takes longer (infection possibilities are higher) and consequently they become scarred for life. I wonder if muzzling them might help to still solve this problem and get Evelyn’s dogs back into one happy pack.

    (Posted on 2015-10-13 07:43:00 by emancy)
  4. How do i start, cooper is just amazing if it wasnt for cooper my horse pete would of been PTS 10 weeks ago. Pete hadnt been right for about 10 month he started showing signs of discomfort while doing schooling work after he had his teeth done by the vets, he started tilting his head when i was asking him to work correctly in the arena, i gave him a break from the schooling and focused on hacking and xc, he wasnt 100% but he was doing his job, i put this down to his teeth as this is when it all stared. While i was competing he got more dis hearted and would stop at fences and would also shake and i couldnt get him fired up again. I went back to the schooling work around august time to discover he was terrible he evaded the bit twisted his neck and was awfull to ride, i had the vet come out he re did his teeth! this didnt improve so he xrayed his head and teeth this found nothing wrong, my physio said he was sore aroung the TMJ area so they injected him with steriods but this gave him no relief, he then had his back xrayed this showed 2 vertibre close these were also injected, pete didnt have any relife what so ever and became worse than ever, he went back to the vets they injected his sacrilliac joint again this didnt help him. By this time he became half the horse his weight was dropping he was unhappy and sore everyware, he then had his stifles injected at the same time as his sacrilliac and bing he was amazing but very short lived it lasted 2 days!! he jumped the stable but didnt become lame but we wernt improving, we went for the full body syntigraphy scan, this showed up hot spots in more than one area. It showed possible arthritus of spine and sacrilliac areas mild changes to stifles and his jaw! by that point the vets has said he didnt think there wasanything we could do for him and he would struggle to do the job i wanted him for! I was in disbelife, he then went lame since we had started treatment i was told to ride him, the lameness got worse quickley till both his back legs were causing a problem, the vet was out over and over in them 2 weeks and he was given bute daily, pete is an hanovarian x frieson he has terrible confimation and a wide action behind, the vets always blamed his confimation for the problems he had. After a discussion with the vet it was agreed he would be PTS however i couldnt accept this and rang cooper, he imediatly OVER THE PHONE described petes wide action and pain in his sacrilliac joints, he told me it was his suspencory ligement and he needed corective shoeing to lift his hind end up and his back was fine and the horse was going to be ok, he offered to take pete to his yard to help get him on the mend, i just had to do it there wasnt anyone else i had as a referal to edinburgh had also been refused as "he had too many problems and it wasnt fair to put him through any more" off pete went with cooper on two front legs and in tremendous pain, a few days later he was shod (had always been barefoot) had some reki and off he went to start his job again hacking out from a lead and loving life, i cant thank this man enough from me and pete he is trully amazing and im looking forward to having my boy back alive and well, the fact that i can actually ride him and compete him again is a bonus. Pete always struggled to build top line and had a slight dip in his back, now he has muscles in places iv tried to build for years, his spine is straight and hes has top line. Im so greatfull to cooper for everything you truely are an amazing human that iv been so lucky to have contact with, thank you xxx

    (Posted on 2015-03-07 21:20:00 by lynsey power)
  5. I had a feeling that something wasn't quite right with my Arabian stallion, but farriers, riding instructors etc all assured me he was fine. Cooper then rang me one day to say ' Connors not right is he'. Thank goodness someone was on my wavelength! I then took him to the vets to have him scanned to see if we could determine what/if there was a problem. He was diagnosed with proximal suspensory desmitis and was 1 % lame. We were instructed to give him 6 months rest. With Coopers help he is now near the end of recovery :) , and his prognosis is looking exceellent, and my horse should be back in the show ring this year. Thanks Cooper

    (Posted on 2015-03-04 17:30:00 by Lisa Smith)
  6. I regard Cooper Wilson is an exceptional man with an exceptional gift and talent!
    In April 2014, our beautiful mare, Dolly, severely injured herself in the field to the extent that she could not walk forward without tremendous pain. Her front legs crossed over and she headed towards a wall to support when trying to walk. She was struggling to bring her left leg forward from the shoulder, hence the crossing of legs and a bizarre flailing movement.
    The vet pursued a lower leg lameness and the costs mounted. Dolly made some progress with box rest but this was not sustained. Ultrasound did not provide concrete evidence of lower leg lamenes and shock wave therapy made no difference at all.
    My daughter truly believed she would lose her beautiful and talented horse until she contacted Cooper.
    From the first telephone contact he described her horse exactly, from her appearance to her personality and temperament;we had never met Cooper before. He was very clear that the problem was not in her leg but in the shoulder area.
    Cooper came to see Dolly and walking and trotting up showed significant difficulty still and a very unhappy horse with the amount of time spent on box rest. Dolly was defensive and tense due to the amount of pain she was in however after less than hour with Cooper the improvement was remarkable.Cooper advised my daughter to ride Dolly and although she was reluctant to do so she trusted his judgement and began a programme of gentle exercise and Dolly responded well.
    We were going on holiday for a week and were concerned that the break in the exercise regime would be detrimental to Dolly's progress. Cooper took Dolly to his yard and ensured the exercise programme continued.
    She continued to progress well over the Summer until late August when there was a relapse (she was still stable bound and her unhappiness at this was a factor in the relapse). We called Cooper again and he came back to see her immediately. Dolly was again in discomfort and pain and once again after less than hour with Cooper she became relaxed and amenable. Cooper advised a graduated yet intensive exercise regime to build up her muscles in the shoulder and to ensure this happened daily he once again took her to his yard. Dolly stayed with Cooper for 10 weeks (more than she needed to be as she had been sound for a number of weeks beforehand )with my daughter visiting every week to ride her (we live 90 miles from Cooper's yard).
    Cooper brought Dolly back home at the end of October.My daughter jumped Dolly for the first time in over 9 months in November and she continues to be sound.
    Cooper has a very unique gift for healing animals and people but not only that he is one of the most kind, caring and generous people we know.

    (Posted on 2015-01-06 21:56:00 by Julie Curtis)
  7. I have been trying to get hold of Cooper Wilson over the last few months because of his good reputation, but having not been able to contact him I had started to become sceptical about this.. However, I finally was able to meet him this weekend when he paid a visit to my yard. I take back any negative thoughts, I was very, very surprised about how accurate he was. I understand now why he is so difficult to get hold of, doing a lot of horse rescue work in addition to the reiki. Cooper has a lot to offer. Keep up the good work and thank you for your visit.

    (Posted on 2015-01-03 22:17:00 by Christina Anderson)
  8. Cooper offered excellent advice and help with my horse which was lame. It is now sound and show jumping.

    (Posted on 2015-01-03 18:10:00 by Emma Brown)
  9. Cooper is without a doubt the best communicator, he described my horse perfectly, and diagnosed her illness perfectly, (backed up by a vet), and proved me to beyond a doubt that he was genuine. When he visited my yard, he gave me a personal reading, which blew my mind, and even described the layout of my house! I am so comforted and impressed by Coopers readings, and I will continue to have them regularly. I would recommend him to anyone, and I know they will experience the same brilliant readings as I have. Thank you Cooper!!!

    (Posted on 2013-09-13 20:39:00 by Phoebe Callison)
  10. hi cooper you helped me enormously, with my lovely cob, who was very unsettled in his stable and was behaving uncharacteristically, and after sending him healing, he has been back to normal for the last few months, you have also just recently, revealed a health issue about my daughters pony, for which we were told was healed, but was still problematic, as we thought, because his performance had not improved, he had been diagnosed two months earlier with stomach ulcers, and you told me that with no prompting, and said they were stll there, this was a revelation as the scope has said all clear, we are now investigating it again , cant thank you enough, kath chelmsford x

    (Posted on 2013-08-06 14:30:00 by kath cadey)
  11. Hi, Cooper, just wanted to say thank you so much for your insight into my beautiful show cob and riggy gelding yesterday (26/05/2013) Its great to find we have judged them well and that you could confirm all our thoughts and feelings about them. Your advice will be invaluable as we move our youngster into his new program of training and fingers crossed see results, as for my big lad well, the TLC will always be there for him as I am sure you know we are just together forever and it sounds like thats for the best. Thank you and hope to see you again soon.

    (Posted on 2013-05-27 20:32:00 by Deborah Colledge)
  12. i rang cooper after a vet and two farriers couldnt give me any clues to what was wrong with my horse, i was on the verge of giving up and your information was right i cant believe it was all done over the phone and you only asked what colour she was. im so pleased i rang and look forward to her being in work properly. thank you x

    (Posted on 2011-09-16 20:12:00 by pamela barrass)
  13. Cooper you came all the way down to Devon to work on a pony for a friend of my mum's and apart from doing my mums and cousins you also did Foxy and Sam the dog for me, I have to admit I was not a great believer when mum first mentioned it but once I saw you at work-BRILLIANT! Just couldn't believe my eyes.Thank you very much. Laura Dennis, Devon

    (Posted on 2011-05-17 14:07:00 by Laura Dennis)
  14. Cooper Wilson, was amazing it is really wierd how he works but everything he said about my pony was true! Other people on my yard have also used him for there horses and he has made world of wonders with there ponies! I would definitely recommend him to people! Thanks Cooper!

    (Posted on 2011-05-10 20:17:00 by Bryony Percival)
  15. hi cooper today when i met you i was very skeptical , you truly are so amazing with an amazing gift , the things you told me about Honey my horses where just to much not to believe in you , you diagnosed a crack in her fetlock that she done 15 years ago , also her cushings disease, and the best was her suspensory ligament to top it off the people viewing this comment cooper never even went near my stable door untill after my reading. thank you so much for our chat you have helped me come to terms with the biggest deciaion ever when the times comes for Honey , xx

    (Posted on 2011-04-16 21:40:00 by Beverley Fitch)
  16. hey cooper great to meet you today hope we can stay intouch its great to meet like minded people,like the site.lou

    (Posted on 2011-03-29 20:03:00 by lou wiilks)
  17. Hi Cooper, love the new site, thanks for the continued work with Jenny, looking forward to your next visit (april - Annie is arranging), see you soon Debbie

    (Posted on 2011-03-06 20:05:00 by debbie)
  18. Cooper Wilson provides a truly comprehensive service to horses as well as other animals and to people. His way with animals is a gift and he works always with the highest intention and for the good of the animal. Cooper has helped me understand and realise my own path with healing animals and with horses in particular. He is always there to assist me with my families own pets, including our dogs, pet rats and our herd of horses, no matter how busy he is. When the difficut time comes to euthanase any of our horses, I hope Cooper will be there to help my horse pass over. It takes a special person to do such an important but difficult job, and with compassion and skill. Thanks Cooper, from my family, my animals and sometimes, my clients.
    Beccy Smith, Owner of Holistic Equine, Integrated Equine Energy Therapist and ex-RSPCA Inspector.

    (Posted on 2010-05-09 14:18:00 by Rebecca Smith)
  19. great new site cooper keep up the good work

    (Posted on 2009-10-20 22:03:00 by sue parton)
  20. Hi Cooper, the new website looks wonderful. Great to know you are then when my own horses confuse me whilst other peoples don't!

    Good luck with all the wonderful work you do and I'm closing my ears right know else I'll have a great long list of horses coming through passing on their thanks! Best Wishes Holly

    (Posted on 2009-06-18 20:00:00 by Holly Davis)
  21. thanks cooper!!
    Well you have done it again!!
    My daughters pony jem has suffered with laminitisover the years, leaving her very pottery on her feet and not wanting to walk on hard ground. Having had Coopers expert help on many other occasions before for others horses i have owned, I knew if anyone could help Jem it would be cooper. And help he did! What a difference, after a change of her food,and a short stay at coopers yard, she came home a different pony. We are now up and down the country lanes out enjoying long walks with my daughter and jem. My daughter is doing her first dressage test on Jem shortly, something i thought she would never of been able to do with her.
    Thanks cooper.

    (Posted on 2009-03-23 23:24:00 by carol)
  22. I can not recommend cooper enough! When the vets gave up after a £1500 bill, no answers , and could not figure out what was wrong with Charlie's leg, they put it down to him being an 'old man' . Cooper's time, patience and his natural gift have worked wonders for Charlie, and he is now back to normal and fully enjoying his life again (something which the vets said would he would be highly unlikely to do). I am eternally grateful to Cooper, I am certain that if it was not for him, my horse would not be with me today.
    Anna, Baildon, West Yorks

    (Posted on 2009-03-17 20:32:00 by Anna)
  23. Cooper is a LEGEND!

    He did miracles with my pony joey (he's completely different) Joey had bad feet so we rang cooper because we had had him before, so he went to coopers for a while and when he came back he was AMAZING. Before in games he used to be really carefull on his feet but now he is wizzing up and down. Also he used to be a bit grumpy but he's totally changed and he's really happy now. Before he used to be a bit cautious but now he's clearing them without any fear.


    (Posted on 2009-03-13 19:19:00 by Becky)
  24. oh my goodness there is not enough space to say how good cooper Wilson is. Cooper has helped me with several of my pets (and relatives) over the years giving advice about general day to day care and what my animals wanted from me and vice a versa. Cooper Helped me come to terms with having to let my first born furry baby go to sleep and the message that came from him gave me strength knowing it was for the best and infact that my pet wanted to go but would always be with me.
    He taught me there is nothing to fear from a new beginning.
    " A new beginning, like the breath of an angel, makes the air a little sweeter and the world seem full of hope"
    It is uncanny how accurate he is with his evidence both for the animals and also for us humans and on several occasions he informed me of illnesses in advance so much so that i had to convince the vet!!! and my pet was treated promptly so avoiding a lengthy illness + nasty bill.
    On a personel note i have had several readings with Cooper over the years and would recommend him to anyone he is always honest and to the point and one of the things thats stands out is his integrity he always works for the highest good.
    All that is left to say is if there were a few more like him the world there would be more peace and harmony and a lot less suffering.

    (Posted on 2009-02-19 12:28:00 by Ayse Kucukkoylu)
  25. After speaking to a friend who recomended you i gave you a ring and was amazed by the things you told me, what you can do is truely wonderful, it's great to find out how your horse actually feels about things, you did say you didnt get anything from one of my horses but when i went to see them this morning it dawned on me the possible reason why,the other two boss him about and he's bottom of the pecking order so i think maybe he just doesn't get much chance to voice his opinion! anyway i can't thank you enough for all your help and will definatly be recomending you to EVERYONE! thank you again from Sarah, Fred Guiness and Ozzie (horses)

    (Posted on 2009-02-08 20:59:00 by Sarah Corrie)


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