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~ COMMUNICATING WITH ANIMALS ~ Put simply, this is the ability to translate into words the thoughts and feelings, both past and present, that horses, dogs and cats wish to share with us. Animals communicate with us all the time using their body language and we can all learn to interpret this accurately. But communicating with animals works on a much deeper level than this. By using my intuition, or sixth sense, I am able to connect with horses and other animals on a mind-to-mind level. Because I do this with the sole intention of helping and healing the animal, openly accepting what the animal has to say without judgement, I find animals are willing to both give and receive information from me. I always ask for and wait to receive permission before communicating with or offering healing to an animal. Generally horses freely give their permission but occasionally they will be silent and do not want me to proceed. In these cases I let the horse know that I am available for them and often find that over a period of time they will communicate with me, offering small amounts of information until eventually they give their permission for a full communication. Dogs and cats are very similar. The way that horses give information varies from horse to horse, and can differ if I communicate with the same horse on different occasions. Sometimes I hear an internal voice which tells me what the problem is. Often I will be shown a picture of what is going on, or they may choose to let me feel the same symptoms they are experiencing. Sometimes it can be a mixture of all of these. When an owner contacts me for either a communicating or healing session for their pet, all I ask is that the owner approaches the session with an open mind and provides the appropriate open and honest feedback so that their pet can receive the greatest benefit. ~ TEETH RASPING ~ When communicating with horses I often find that the horse tells me about problems with either their teeth or feet. Quite often, it will be a minor problem such as a small sharp edge on a tooth. Although only minor, this can have a devastating effect on the welfare of the horse causing colic, weight loss, napping and poor performance. In these cases, I will offer my opinion on the best way to proceed, and often recommend you consult specialist equine professionals such as vets, farriers or equine dental technicians as appropriate. I also offer a teeth rasping service based on many years of experience where it becomes apparent this services is required during a communicating/healing session. However, I only perform procedures that I am legally and competently able to undertake. I believe it is my moral duty to refer all cases on to other professionals where appropriate. The procedures I offer are the: Category 1 procedures as defined by the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians: ~ Examination of teeth ~ Routine rasping ~ Removal of sharp enamel points ~ Removal of small dental overgrowths ~ Removal of loose caps ~ HEALING HORSES ~ In essence healing is 'restoring something to health'. Healing uses energy that you can connect to and work with for the benefit of horses. The healing process can be used to rebalance the horses' energy field and can assist with both physical and emotional problems. It is a holistic complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional treatments. The particular type of healing I specialise in is Reiki, and I am a qualified Reiki Master. However, I recognise that each horse is an individual and needs treating as such. As a result, I may combine Reiki with other types of treatment or advice. This can vary from dietary or exercise advice, advice on how your horse is kept or referral to specialist equine professionals. All other animals are treated in a similar way.

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